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Reasonal Entries, one place for the dispersed information.

We often question the credibility of information we interact with on the Web because we don’t have the necessary context; information that could help us make an informed opinion about what we see on the Web.

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Behzad Tabibian

Remember the last time you shared a link to a YouTube video, or simply watched it on your phone. By doing so you became part of the audience of that video.

For most digital content, the audience is small, graduation-day pictures are often seen by friends and family only. In sharp contrast are the viral content, like video recordings of acts of violence that can reach millions of people.

Viral content invite scrutiny

Viral content can be inspiring or troubling, but they always invite scrutiny. When you see pictures of a troubling crime on your Twitter feed, you question their authenticity. The answer to your question is usually available somewhere on the web and in social media, without you being able to find that answer.

Social networks connect people not information

Important and useful information about a particular content, be it an image, a video or a link, is often spread in different social circles and rarely appear in one place. That is because social networking sites are designed to connect people, and not information. To accumulate critical information about a particular content, we need one unique reference for that content.

Reasonal Entries accumulate information

Reasonal Entries accumulate information Reasonal Entries accumulate information

Reasonal Entries provide a reference to accumulate all relevant information about a specific content in one accessible and modifiable place. This means, when you request and contribute to the Reasonal Entry of a YouTube video, you see and modify the same entry as everyone else.

The unique and innovative way in which Reasonal Entries are designed ensure any relevant information about a content can be accessed and updated in one single place.

In the coming weeks we will tell you about more about Reasonal Entries, how you can use them, and become a champion in preventing the spread of misinformation and unreliable information on the web.


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