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Natalie Tillack
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How Reasonal re-thinks online collaboration

Reasonal tackles the problem of productivity loss in online collaboration by focusing on file and knowledge management, rather than workflow management.

Despite the many new productivity tools out there, one thing persists: Employees are unhappy about their online collaboration. 35% of a typical knowledge worker’s day is spent on searching and gathering information from previous emails, files, and messages, and communicating and collaborating internally.

That trend is amplifying as online collaboration is becoming a permanent feature of the workplace after the global pandemic 2020. Team messaging tools are a proxy for that trend: Slack and MS Teams have seen their daily active users rise to a combined 230mn. Shared file systems are also showing a similar trend: Google Suite alone records 2bn active users per month.

Productivity is all about knowledge & content management

The goal of online collaboration is usually different types of content, be it marketing creatives, blueprints, or other documents (reports, presentations, sheets, contracts, etc.). However, communication and task assignment around that content take place in separate messaging or project management tools. In addition to the interrupted workflow and extra work by having to maintain several tools, this leads to loss of information and intransparent document histories.

Reasonal tackles exactly that problem in productivity losses by focusing on file and knowledge management, rather than workflow management. By centralizing communications and activities around your files, rather than having them lost in a multitude of channels, online collaboration gets significantly more efficient.

Reasonal Entry for a file

How Reasonal combines Knowledge Management & Workflow Management

Reasonal Teams offers a graphic and intuitive interface, where teams can access every link or work content that has been worked on or shared. The items and related activities are added automatically, giving the user the opportunity to focus on what’s relevant. Updates on relevant documents are highlighted and an overview of other team activities is given. Tasks and comments can be given around the actual documents, and notes can be added to links - easily accessible to make sure that information is never lost. Endless searches and questions in Slack channels or through emails are gone and teams instantly find the information they need to do their job right, get onboarded, and check the status of your deliverables.

Not just another tool but a smart new team member

We have experienced how tools that are supposed to make us more productive need so much effort to maintain, or send us more emails and notifications than they are supposed to eliminate. We are aware of tool fatigue. We have worked closely with our users and have seen that each team has their own workflow and their own tools, so we don’t just want to add a new tool on top.

This is precisely what makes Reasonal different from other solutions, because it integrates smoothly with all your existing tools and makes your work easier by giving you the information you need - where you need them.

  • Our Slack bot replies quietly with a summary graphic of the link you have shared;
  • Our browser add-ons let you access that information or add notes with a simple right click; and
  • Our Google Drive integration shows you what items are relevant to you before you need to open them.

To save you the time to maintain, the integrations work both ways: Not only are you given the information just where you are, but all mentions and activities are linked back to the content, so that you can find discussions on your work items in one central space.

By eliminating that frustrating downtime, users can concentrate on what matters: Ordering Christmas presents for their teams; reading up on the topic they always wanted; and finally having that chat with clients, partners, suppliers, and colleagues.

We have just opened up the waitlist for Reasonal Teams - add yourself, too, at our homepage and see how Reasonal could simplify your work online.


Natalie Tillack


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