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Reasonal Entries, the missing context of the Web

We often question the credibility of information we interact with on the Web because we don’t have the necessary context; information that could help us make an informed opinion about what we see on the Web.

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Behzad Tabibian

Context helps us avoid

  • mistaking opinion with the news
  • act on medical advice from deceptive websites
  • believing a fake video with evidence of a shocking revelation

Reasonal entries, the context for the internet

At Reasonal, we are building the necessary context for every link, image, and video on the Web. We call them Reasonal Entries.

Summary image of an entry for a link from Los Angles Times about ineffectiveness of masks. Summary image of an entry for a link from Los Angles Times about ineffectiveness of masks.

Reasonal entries contain information about the publishers, indicators of consistency in linking to the publisher's content on the web, and other relevant information about the content itself.

Reasonal entries are available now to everyone

You can access entries on Twitter using our Twitter Spot Checker, and on your desktop using Reasonal browser extension. In the future, these entries will be available on all communication platforms.

Reasonal entries are created collaboratively by the Reasonal community, journalists and fact-checkers, and Machine Learning based algorithms designed specifically for this environment.

A snapshot of Reasonal entry for the Los Angles times article.

In the coming weeks we will tell you more about Reasonal Entries, how you can use them, and more exciting news.


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