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Meet Natalie, Productivity Geek and Chief Commercial Officer at Reasonal

Learn how Dr. Natalie Tillack, Chief Commercial Officer at Reasonal, combines her tech and business expertise to find out how to make our digital lives productive again.
Natalie Tillack

Name: Natalie Tillack

Company Role: Chief Commercial Officer

Your favorite topics / Ask me anything about: Productivity, life hacks, science, blockchain, business strategy

What is something about the way we work that you want to fix?

Digital lives should be fun and enjoyable. They are not. While it's great to have a choice of apps that we work in, a million ways how we can be reached, and several devices to do all that from, this mess gives us a headache. What we need is a place that , without just building "another app" that we need to maintain.

What do you do at Reasonal?

I am in charge of everything commercial. That means our go-to-market and growth, communications and fundraising, and - as this is our biggest task right now - supporting the product strategy and UX design.

Why are you good at doing what you do?

The programming background from my PhD proves to be very valuable when working on a highly complex tech product, particularly when it comes to gauging the options, as well as their implementation effort, we have on the product side. During my time at McKinsey I gained the business acumen to know the main execution challenges that arise during enterprise projects, and ways to overcome them. With my own company, I helped deep-tech startups with their product, go-to-market, and growth strategies, and I love applying that knowledge to "my own" product, where we are much closer to the users.

What do you like about working at Reasonal?

I'm a huge productivity geek and love innovative technology. While our own user data is at the centre of AI products on a daily basis, we don't really benefit from it ourselves. Apart from search engines and smart assistants, our work apps mostly provide new UIs and consist of mechanical drag-and-drop solutions. Businesses utilise machine-learning technology to such a greater extend: Optimising ads, smart re-stocking in retail, risk evaluation, pharmaceutical research. I'm excited that we are finally bringing something truly smart to the end user, letting us all get valuable insights into our work.

This all wouldn't be possible without the exceptional team. I love working with intelligent people and our team are all real "doers", think outside the box and, most of all, are all really fun to work with.

What’s your background?

I'm from the Western part of Germany, where I did my undergrad and got my first experience in academia at the Max-Planck Institute in Düsseldorf. For my Masters and PhD I moved to Oxford, UK, which has shaped me a lot. Some of my best friends from Oxford have stayed until today. When moving back to Germany in 2016, I knew that Berlin will be the destination. Compared to other hubs I know, where you live very much in a bubble defined by what you do or where you studied, Berlin is international, cultural, but more alternative, and I enjoy the life here a lot.

What are the values that drive you?

Autonomy, respect, and mastery.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

Sports, being outside (ideally in the sun), reading, music, spirituality, networking - and all combinations thereof: Kitesurfing, reading in parks, hiking, techno festivals, cycling, problem solving, mediation, yoga.

Your top 3 reads?

Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness (Peter Godfrey-Smith). Amazing philosophy book about the evolution of human (and mulluscan) intelligence.

Principles by Ray Dalio is fascinating both from a biographical perspective and because of the how-to's you can extract for your own life, written by someone so, so rational and analytical, who lives his principles and powers through with them.

Branson's Screw it, let's do it makes for a nice change when reading business books.

Natalie's a polymath with a deep knowledge in so many domains. She showed me areas that I didn't know you could be an expert in.


Natalie Tillack

Natalie Tillack
Chief Commercial Officer



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