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Bringing up the right content amongst your work files

It's Time We Declutter Our Digital Lives for Good
Utkarsh Upadhyay

My personal Google Drive has grown with me; holding first drafts of admissions essays, research statements, and manuscripts, as well as my thesis, whitepapers on the application of research to industry, and detailed strategies about how to implement particular product features. That is the point at which I transitioned to the shared GSuite of Reasonal.

Reasonal's GSuite has seen similar growth from vision statements and strategy documents, over slide decks and job postings, to user feedback and customer LOIs.

And that is only for our Google Drive.

A single person keeps docs in Dropbox, others in Google Drive, others in Gmail, others in files on our laptops somewhere. Not to speak of bookmarks and other information snippets that are hidden in our Notions, Slacks, or Chromes. So finding a piece of content is challenging.

Put differently, we can never find the document we need because our digital lives are a mess.

Sometimes searching for content takes up 10, 20, even 30 minutes — a seemingly never-ending quest that's doomed for failure. We have files, photos, videos, and other content types spread across hosting services, communication platforms, and so-called "storage solutions."

As digital workers, searching for spreadsheets, meeting notes, and slide decks kills our productivity. (Digital workers waste 20 percent of their time searching for information to do their job, read our blog posts on Internal Interruptions at Work and Distractions at Work: How Interruptions Affect Productivity)

That's what we're building Reasonal for: To help us all find the content we needed yesterday.

In a nutshell, Reasonal is a knowledge management tool, with algorithms at its core that bring what Google's Page Rank patented in 1998 (yes, more than 20 years ago) to the next level. Our goal is to build a product that is incredibly smart, but can be handled easily, seamlessly, and with minimal work expected from you. Less maintaining, less searching, and no more wasted time.

How Does Our Productivity Benefit from Reasonal?

  • Reasonal centralizes communications and activities around digital content — docs, files, links, photos, slide decks, etc. It automatically attaches data to each piece of content so we can quickly locate content from GSuite, Slack, and other services. Then it presents this content to us when we need it.
  • Reasonal knows how to structure files. Folders, no matter if shared or local, are a thing of the past. Via the dashboard, you can find and share important files, tools, and projects with team members and others via the Reasonal dashboard. It's finally easy to find sales reports, white papers, college essays, and other content.
  • Reasonal creates connections between content based on activity data and, unlike other tools, content updates. So it knows what content we need and when, and what other content to handle with caution (say, when a file version becomes outdated, or a similar file has seen updates that we should be aware of, too).

Get early access to Reasonal and discover how automated file and knowledge management eliminates the hassle of finding content, whether from Slack or spreadsheets.

What is the Secret Sauce?

Reasonal identifies patterns in the activity history of content using machine learning, streamlining file and content management. Finally, there's AI in work tools.

Reasonal can surface the right content just by looking at activities and content updates. We preemptively produce a response without requiring the user to search. This is the secret sauce in Reasonal's ML engine which surfaces the right content among your work files.

Years of extensive research means Reasonal can find signals in noisy activity data. Finding content has never been easier.

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Utkarsh Upadhyay

Utkarsh Upadhyay
Co-founder / CTO



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