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Your work tools, empowered by machine learning

Let AI do the organization for you.
Behzad Tabibian

How much time do you spend manually searching for information at work? We don’t mean rifling through your desk drawer. We don’t even mean searching on your browser. We're talking about searching for related knowledge to your current project. Facts within a spreadsheet that relate to an email conversation. Something someone mentioned on Slack that you know is crucial to something someone else asked you in person.

Today, it doesn’t seem like there’s a simple way to bring all this information together without searching or asking individuals -- if you are lucky, you've got teams trawling the available data from multiple sources manually, after setting up complex processes which at the end nobody follows. Here at Reasonal, we aim to change that.

Raise Your Productivity

In a competitive business world, productivity is key. But, productivity shouldn’t be at the expense of staff morale, and it shouldn’t lead to exhaustion.

Real productivity isn’t about doing more. It’s about doing less but achieving more, by finding simpler, faster ways to achieve everyday tasks that used to take up hours of our time.

Imagine a World...

Imagine a suite of tools, that could take over so much of the manual searching and collating you do every day. With a few clicks, you should be able to find any information related to a work item or project, such as a presentation, a spreadsheet cell, or a conversation snippet. When updates occur for business-critical files, any member of the team who needs to access that document sees those updates instantly. Users of Google GSuite, Pitch, Notion, or similar tools should also be able to access key information in one central point, rather than skipping from tool to tool in a never-ending search for the key information.

Making Manual Searching Redundant

The next generation of tools wants to make your life easier by removing all that manual searching. It's such a large part of most roles that many of us do it every day without even thinking about it, in fact on average we spend 19% of our time searching and locating information. The new generation of tools needs to go beyond clever search terms and highly-evolved search engines. You shouldn’t need to search at all. These tools should see what you’re working on and voluntarily offer the most relevant information from your work servers that pertain to your task.

Sometimes even articulating what you need to search for is a mammoth task. As daily tasks become more complex, the issues with this will only increase. Machine learning technology that figures out what you need before you do would be the perfect solution.

AI for Problem Solving

We’re working on bringing to life the promise of an easier day at the office. Or, of course, at home, if you’re one of the nearly 60 percent of remote-workers since 2020. What are the key drivers for using AI to power your work tools?

  • An ML-based tool should consider all the activities that occur for any individual file, in any format. It should consider files' relationships with each other, including what activities with those files generate any significant amount of data. It should also look at who is accessing those files regularly, what processes they’re involved in and what communications occur regarding said files. This information can keep team members informed and avoid the significant problems of duplicated work, failed communications and lost data.
  • We also want to see intelligent cross-tool interoperability. That means the introduction of a platform that brings together Information from specialized tools and the data they produce, negating the need for teams to seek for information across many platforms. Specialized tools often work very well for one specific purpose, but they rarely work well when it comes to surfacing information. Our new ML-powered platform provides a significant opportunity to reduce overheads by combining the critical information available through a range of tools in one, simple-to-use app.

Reasonal aims to be a one-stop source of information about any specific content that stops your endless searching and keeps you focused on the tasks ahead of you. Real-time automation and intelligence means that every action by a single member of your team helps guide the rest of the team towards their goals.

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Behzad Tabibian

Behzad Tabibian
CEO / co-founder



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