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Reasonal is a seamless and intelligent activity tracker that tells you the whole story behind every file you or your team is working on.

We have just opened up the waitlist for the Beta version of Reasonal Teams. See how Reasonal works for your team files and collaboration.

Handling digital content is nerve wracking

It's difficult to keep on top of things with all the digital content we are exposed to on a daily basis. When information is added or consensus is found, we lose that context whenever we exchange links.
Reasonal provides this context and delivers it across teams and platforms. To help you save time and make sure that what you are reading is complete, up to date, and reliable.

Add and access information for any link on the web.

Reasonal Entries centralize activities and communication in a space around every digital item.

exemplary use cases

  • Structure relevant items

  • Bookmark private notes

  • Add relevant information

  • Save to-dos

Reasonal is available wherever you go

  • web app

    Web App

    Get, receive, and save Entries from your browser

  • Browser Extension

    Browser Extensions

    Instantly access Entries next to articles

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    Berlin Science Week

  • 17.09.2020

    Smart Working - 5th Max Planck Symposium for Alumni and Early Career Researchers

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    Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence Conference

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