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We believe AI can make supply chains more efficient and simpler. Reasonal delivers exceptional revenue uplifts and savings through accurate forecasts.Developed by research scientists and industry experts, we support executives in making reliable and precise decisions based on accurately predicted outcomes.At Reasonal, we utilize cutting-edge AI/ML with deep learning and external data sources; We generate multi-dimensional accurate forecasts and actionable insights considering all the available data.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring cutting-edge technologies to every step in supply chains. We are tackling a problem beyond the scope and scale of any single company's resources, even the world’s largest.

7% Revenue Uplift

8% Product Availability

15% Waste Reduction

87% Human Task Reduction

5X Forecast Error Reduction

Visionary Team

We are a group of engineers, research scientists, and product builders.Our Machine Learning researchers and supply chain optimization professionals have created products for Amazon, Facebook, Experian, and IAC with millions of users.We have experience with a solid scientific background in deploying complex Machine Learning solutions in supply chains, based in San Francisco, Berlin, Stockholm, and Tübingen.

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